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Germaine Dublin Harper

Today Saturday, November 2018 is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held during the Saturday Sabbath after US Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. This Saturday is always the last Saturday in November, and falls between November 24 and November 30. This is the eighth year since it started and has proven to be very successful. To date has seen over $85 billion spent.

It is a registered trademark of American Express. American Express started this initiative in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. One year later the federal government passed a resolution to support this initiative.

If you have not been out supporting the small businesses in your communities today, there is still lots of opportunities to do so. When you support the small businesses in your community you are actually helping to build your community. I don’t need to say it but I will. More jobs are generated and the monies stay within your community. So when you are ready to do your Christmas shopping think of buying ‘small’ first and keep the small businesses in business.

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