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Hyperallergenic Jewelry

Germaine Dublin Harper

People sometimes ask for hypoallergenic jewelry but do they know what it really means? 'Hypoallergenic' is a popular marketing term, but has no legal definition. Usually the general idea is that people are allergic to some material in metal, so they are looking for jewelry that they would not have an allergic reaction  to. The component in the metal used in jewelry, that normally causes allergic reactions is nickel. So when you are looking for  hypoallergenic jewelry,, look for nickel free jewelry instead. 

I must also also point out that nickel free does not mean that there is absolutely no nickel in your jewelry but what it means is that the jewelry meets the European standard for 'nickel free'. There are people who react to nickel free jewelry anyway because their skin is so sensitive. If this person with the very sensitive skin is you, then you may need to use precious metals, such as silver, gold etc, instead. 

Germaine Dublin Harper

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