Jewelz On Demand

Radio vibes

Germaine Dublin Harper

So I was on 101.3 FM on Saturday 7/01/17 with Marcus James, promoting 'jewelz on demand'. It's kind of strange when you are on the radio speaking to people that you can't see. The problem is that you have to believe that there are actually people listening to you; you don't know who these people are; you don't know if you are holding their interest or even if they will respond favorably to you. 

But if there is one thing I do know and appreciate is the power of the media. If your business is not in the media in some form then it's not happening. You are still dreaming. So to my counterparts, take every opportunity that would reflect positively on your business, to promote your business in the media. Be it radio, social media sites or written materials, nothing is too small. Remember everytime you put yourself out there more people see you and what you have to offer. Just know that It may not pay off immediately but in the long run it pays dividends. Peace!


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