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Germaine Dublin Harper

Today Saturday, November 2018 is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held during the Saturday Sabbath after US Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. This Saturday is always the last Saturday in November, and falls between November 24 and November 30. This is the eighth year since it started and has proven to be very successful. To date has seen over $85 billion spent.

It is a registered trademark of American Express. American Express started this initiative in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. One year later the federal government passed a resolution to support this initiative.

If you have not been out supporting the small businesses in your communities today, there is still lots of opportunities to do so. When you support the small businesses in your community you are actually helping to build your community. I don’t need to say it but I will. More jobs are generated and the monies stay within your community. So when you are ready to do your Christmas shopping think of buying ‘small’ first and keep the small businesses in business.


Germaine Dublin Harper

Just lying in bed looking at the new styles for summer. They range from two way stretch, embelished leggings, shiny cocktail dresses, to sportswear. They all look great and i hate to put a damper on things but we are in spring whilst still experiencing winter like weather. When are we going to be able to change our wardrobe and don sandals, jeans and sports wear? 

I decided to make use of the time that I am locked indoors and beef up my spring/summer collection of jewelry. Visit jewelz on Demand website for some fun, new and colorful additions to our bracelet collection. Let get ready for the sunshine which is any day now.


Trivia Night at Dudley Cafe

Germaine Dublin Harper

Tonight was my first night at Dudley Cafe as a vendor for Jewelz on Demand. Dudley Cafe is a lovely restaurant located in the Bruce Bowling Building at Dudley Square. The cafe has a wonderful ambience. The atmosphere was friendly. Tonight was Trivia Night and the patrons appeared to have had a wonderful time. Trivia night happens on the third Tuesday of every month. It starts at 7:30 pm. 

Dudley Cafe also cooks up a mean meal and sandwiches are also available I would recommend visiting the Dudley Cafe sometime.    

Go Bold!

Germaine Dublin Harper

Gone are the smokey eyes and nude lips.  This season the bold look is in. It’s all about the bright metallic colors on the eyes and the lip. Be creative with your colors. Try the cat eye. A little glitter and shine would not hurt. Be bold and own your look. If you want to stand out this spring/summer, you’ve got to go bold.   

Trivia Night

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The fashion trend for this summer is happy, vibrant and colorful. From the catwalks of Paris, New York, Milan and London there’s cobalt, emerald green, tomato red and bright yellow. I would say that we need this after a particularly long winter and spring has still not yet sprung. Colorful is what Jewelz on Demand do. Our jewelry is vibrant in color and can easily be worn with any outfit you choose without breaking your budget. You can check us out at Dudley Cafe in the Bruce Bowling Building in Dudley Suare on April 17th, 2018 from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. There will be special deals. You don’t want to miss it. Come and enjoy trivia night with good food, wonderful ambience and the opportunity to get purchase beautiful jewelry all under one roof. See you there!


Germaine Dublin Harper

It was so inspiring to see how our young men and women can come together to make their voices heard. They were bold, confident and believed in their story. They were supported by many around the world. I am sure that the powers that be are now listening and taking notice as the youths are not just talking but are planning to use there democratic rights to make a change. The United States is a great country. Thank God for the freedoms to fight in a good way using your democratic rights. Well done young people. 

Getting Ahead In Business

Germaine Dublin Harper

In business you have to be always thinking ahead to stand out in the sea of other business out there. Ask your clients what their frustrations are in their line of business. When you know what your client aspirations and frustrations are, you’re better equipped to spot opportunities for them. It doesn’t always have to be your company that solves the problem—hook them up whenever you find something that will help them. Be invested in their success. Be amazing. Rock their world. The love that you give them will come back.
The Pumpkin Plan

Women in Business

Germaine Dublin Harper

The following excerpt is from the staff of Entrepreneur Media’s book Finance Your Business. Buy it now from Amazon Barnes & Noble | iTunes

In 2016, there were an estimated 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States -- a 45 percent increase since 2007, according to The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report from American Express. This percentage increase exceeded the national average of business growth during the same time frame by five times. It also illustrated what we already know: Women entrepreneurs are having a tremendous impact on the small-business landscape nationwide.

Hyperallergenic Jewelry

Germaine Dublin Harper

People sometimes ask for hypoallergenic jewelry but do they know what it really means? 'Hypoallergenic' is a popular marketing term, but has no legal definition. Usually the general idea is that people are allergic to some material in metal, so they are looking for jewelry that they would not have an allergic reaction  to. The component in the metal used in jewelry, that normally causes allergic reactions is nickel. So when you are looking for  hypoallergenic jewelry,, look for nickel free jewelry instead. 

I must also also point out that nickel free does not mean that there is absolutely no nickel in your jewelry but what it means is that the jewelry meets the European standard for 'nickel free'. There are people who react to nickel free jewelry anyway because their skin is so sensitive. If this person with the very sensitive skin is you, then you may need to use precious metals, such as silver, gold etc, instead. 

Germaine Dublin Harper

Radio vibes

Germaine Dublin Harper

So I was on 101.3 FM on Saturday 7/01/17 with Marcus James, promoting 'jewelz on demand'. It's kind of strange when you are on the radio speaking to people that you can't see. The problem is that you have to believe that there are actually people listening to you; you don't know who these people are; you don't know if you are holding their interest or even if they will respond favorably to you. 

But if there is one thing I do know and appreciate is the power of the media. If your business is not in the media in some form then it's not happening. You are still dreaming. So to my counterparts, take every opportunity that would reflect positively on your business, to promote your business in the media. Be it radio, social media sites or written materials, nothing is too small. Remember everytime you put yourself out there more people see you and what you have to offer. Just know that It may not pay off immediately but in the long run it pays dividends. Peace!


Fish Bowl

Germaine Dublin Harper

So I went to a networking event for entrepreneurs last night at the Fairmont Innovation Lab organized by Jemuel Stephenson of fabwrights origin.  I was really excited to be there to meet other people like myself and share information. I met this one lady who is a caterer and has been struggling with marketing as we all do. Why? Because of the cost. So we got to talking and I told her she can go on to Hootsuite, put together and schedule her posts for Facebook  Instagram and twitter. Not only that but she can schedule for days or weeks at a time. She was so excited. She said that just for that information alone she was so glad that she came to the Fishbowl. I could not help but think that if more of us would meet and encourage each other, share information and  support each other's business we would all get there. We would avoid so many mistakes and wastage of resources that we have so little of. Just think about it. So come to the next Fishbowl event. You may be pleasantly surprised!

'Spring Fling, Queen Ting'

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KREYOL 'Spring Fling, Queen Ting' Trunk Show. Saturday April 8th 2017 @ Fairmont Innovation Lab, 594 Columbia Rd, Dorchester, MA 02125. It starts at 3 - 8pm. There will be Designer clothing & Fashion jewelry by Jewelz on Demand plus more. Don't miss this event where you can stock up for spring and summer! See you there!


Statement jewelry

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It seems  statement jewelry is trending this year I.e. Arm bands, statement necklaces, strings of pearls, raw stone & single earrings. Fashion jewelry is all about individuality. How about shopping outside the box and make your own statement today.. Jewelz On Demand has a choice of colorful statement pieces for you to enjoy. Visit

Conscious Monday

Germaine Dublin Harper
'A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything' Malcolm X
"What do you stand for? How about peace of mind, radiant health, truth, honesty, viable use of your God-given-talent, gifts and abilities, or maybe just plain old love. When you are standing on well-cared-for and rested feet, you will be victorious in any cause' Iyanla Vanzant

Irish Quotes

Germaine Dublin Harper

'Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations'

Quirky Irish joke

Germaine Dublin Harper

A sobbing Ms Murphy approaches Fr O’Grady after mass. He says: “So what’s bothering you?” She replies: “Oh, Father, I’ve terrible news. My husband passed away last night.” The priest says: “Oh, Mary, that’s terrible. Did he have any last requests?” "Certainly father," she replied. “He said: “Please Mary, put down that .... gun.”

St Patrick's Day

Germaine Dublin Harper

Today more than 100+ million of Irish across the planet are celebrating the most famous Paddy in the world.
According to different versions of his life story it is said that he was born in Britain, around 385AD.
His parents Calpurnius and Conchessa were Roman citizens living in either Scotland or Wales.

Happy St Patrick's Day

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